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  THE STUDIOAT CARY STREETLauren D Rogers PhotographyImagine big, beautiful, gallery-quality portraits gracing the walls of your home. A fine-art portrait session is a perfect way to bring your imagination to life. From our first discussion we will plan the best way to capture the images you have in mind so that the resulting print and canvas portraits will convey the personalities of the subjects and complement your home and personal style. We will also discuss where, and in what manner, you would like to display your finished art. Let me work with you to create dramatic and elegant fine-art portraits which will stand the test of time. My background in fine-art painting, advertising, and theater, has taught me how to craft inspired imagery that captures the drama and vibrancy of life. My full-service studio is located in the heart of Richmond's Carytown restaurant and boutique district. Fine-art portrait sessions begin at $175. Prints, canvases, books and digital files are available at your Reveal meeting. Print and wall art collections begin at $300.          Currently offeringLittle Fancies: Children's Portraiture Contemporary Glamour& Boudoir Portraiture The Modern Headshot:Business, Artistic &Personal Branding Headshots Engagement & Wedding Portraiture Maternity & Family PortraitureGet in touch          Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with the child's eye - it is very beautiful.[KAILASH Satyarthi] Tiny ballerinas, rambunctious tomboys, soulful artists, explorers, and comedians: all are welcome. My beautifully lit, classically-styled children's portraits help capture those fleeting moments of youth, creating images which are sure to become cherished family heirlooms. In preparation for each Little Fancies photo session, we will discuss ideas for the shoot, including wardrobe, pose, and style choices, working together to consider display options, and develop a color palette that compliments your home and personal style. We will also discuss how to prepare children for their exciting "modeling day." Each Little Fancies session is about an hour long (the perfect amount of time for capturing a variety of looks while keeping a child's attention-span in mind). In the studio your child is led in an engaging play session for the camera, and is encouraged to run, make faces, sit, stand, climb - all the things that will keep them engaged and enjoying their "model for the day" experience. Parents can feel free to relax in our lounge area with a cup of hot coffee while they watch the shoot. Get in touch     

                   She was beautiful, for the way she thought. She was beautiful, for the sparkle in her eyes when she talked about something she loved. [F. Scott Fitzgerald] Gone are the days of going to the mall to throw on a ratty feather boa or pleather jacket that you know has never been washed. Contemporary women's glamour photography is a luxury experience designed to leave you looking and feeling beautiful and confident. Be a model for the day as I capture you at your best and most vibrant. All glamour sessions begin with a discussion of your personal style, concerns, inspirations, and goals. Your ideas are an integral part of the art we will create together in glamour sessions. Studio boudoir sessions amp up the seductive factor, and reflect a variety of looks from sweetly bridal to dramatic and sensual. Or perhaps you're looking for the vintage look of those classic pin-ups? We can work together to design a shoot to capture your sassy and/or sweet sides. Regardless of the direction your shoot takes, all images are kept private unless you wish to share them. Both glamour and boudoir sessions include a one- to one-and-a-half-hour session with an on-site professional hair and makeup experts, pose coaching, wardrobe advice, and access to our studio closet of designer accessories.  Get in touch    

       Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual
re-invention; striking chords with people to stir their emotions; and commitment to imagination.
           Business professionals, actors and performers, and personal brands need to create a memorable presence, and I can help you create that presence. Personal branding is marketing YOU. And the most instant, visual way to create an interest is with a strong portrait that allows you to stand out from the crowds. The same old headshot you've had for the past decade won't cut through the noise of competition, and selfies simply aren't professional, so let me help you create a modern headshot that will get you noticed. Modern headshot sessions offered at our studio are designed to get the busy professional in and out quickly without hassle or hindrance, and without sacrificing style and attention to those important details. For large groups, we are happy to set up a portable studio at your place of business. Like all custom portrait sessions at our Richmond photography studio, headshots are designed to meet your individual goals for both look and usage .  Professional hair and makeup is available onsite at the studio to further elevate their look. After your session, I will use my extensive experience in marketing and theatrical photography to help you choose the final photos that best reflect your message.  Get in touch    























For business professionals, actors and performers, and personal brands looking to create a memorable presence