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Erin+Ben | Married | Georgetown Ritz Carlton

ritz carlton georgetown wedding photos

How do I sum up Ben and Erin’s absolutely gorgeous late-July wedding in Georgetown? Hot day, warm hearts, cool details. This laid-back couple celebrated their red-hot love with a combination of delicate lace, cool gray, smooth lavender, and sparkling diamonds that added the type of elegance to the day usually only found in a Cary Grant film.

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Brandy+Chris | Family | DC Portrait Photography

I'll admit, I was a little worried heading into this family portrait photography session in DC. Chris and Brandy are photographers as well. And while that can make the session itself go more easily because everyone knows what to expect, it also adds in…

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Over-busy Virginia wedding photographer

So…. an update from me! I’ve been busting my bum this month shooting and editing and designing. I’ve got my eye on the prize though: Dave and I are taking a little mini vacation down to Charleston and Savannah next week and I am…

Washington DC wedding photographer

Washington DC Photography Weekend

I decided to kidnap Dave over the weekend; I made him dress up all sexified for me, lured him into the car with promises of free Sheets coffee and maybe — if he was good — lunch. I ended up driving from Lynchburg up…