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Devyn+Miles | Married | Barren Ridge Vineyard Wedding Photography


When I first met Devyn and Miles in a little coffeeshop in Charlottesville, I knew immediately that I wanted to shoot their wedding. 1) They were getting married at one of my absolute favorite places in Virginia -- Barren Ridge Vineyards. 2) It was going to be lightly ancient-Rome themed. Now, I'm kind of a sucker for any themed wedding, but when it involves history and Italy ... well, they might have had to chase me away with a garden hose if they hadn't decided that I was the best fit for their wedding day.

The two met in a Roman geography course at JMU. Devyn is essentially a modern-day Indiana Jones -- archaeologist and actual Latinist and full of knowledge, combined with a perfectly playful sense of adventure and joie de vivre. Miles is her perfect counterpart -- historian, steadying rock, partner in crime and compatriot. They really couldn't be more suited for each other.

As a bit of a history nerd myself, and one whose art history concentration in school was Italian Renaissance paintings, I couldn't have been more tickled as they described the little details they planned on incorporating into their wedding day. From the rich purples and golds to the dried wheat floral arrangements, tables themed around the Roman territories to Italian scenes hung on the walls. Just perfection! And I really knew Devyn was a girl after my own heart when I noticed that each territory-themed table came equipped with a fact seat to educate the guests during party downtime. Knowledge is power! I wish I could have these two tag along on my honeymoon through Italy; it would save a fortune in guidebooks and I can't even imagine better company.

As always, I'm sharing way too many photos here. But hey, that's just what I do. I fall in love with every minute of the day and can't bear not showing off the little intimate moments of which I'm privileged to be part. So cheers to the happy couple! Congratulations you guys, I could not possibly be more excited to share even more from this magical day with you in the full gallery. Thank you for letting me capture your wedding day.

Gorgeous venue and amazing service courtesy of Barren Ridge Vineyards in Fishersville. My BAC is usually .00007 Barren Ridge. Contemplating an IV drip in the future. As usual, many thanks to Marek for assisting me throughout this wonderful day and for spending the morning capturing Miles with his crew of extraordinary gentlemen. And mad props to the Stonewall Jackson Hotel in Staunton for always providing beautiful natural light in their bridal suites. It makes my wedding photographer heart happy.

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