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Italy | Days 1 and 2 | Rome

Wherein I honeymoon with David in Italy, and try not to photograph every single thing around us.   First day and a half in Italy, jetlagged after a 9 hour flight from DC crammed into the middle seats of the middle row on the plane.…

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Christmas at the Biltmore Estate

Being from the Asheville area, I've been going to the Biltmore Estate pretty regularly my whole life. Those every-year field trips in art class add up. Since moving to Virginia, visits back home have slowed down because of the distance. Especially now that I'm…

Richmond wedding photographer event
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Richmond Photographer | Virginia Renaissance Faire

I'm finally wrapping up culling the photos from my nerdtastic weekend at Agecroft in Richmond and the Virginia Renaissance Faire. The Va Ren Faire, held at the Lake Anna Winery in Spotsylvania, was my first full on attendance at one of these things. And…

richmond virginia wedding photographer
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Richmond Photographer | Gardens of Agecroft

It should come to no surprise to you that I dork out over historic things. I'm the art director for the ASC - I spend a lot of time thinking about Shakespeare, watching Early Modern theatre, learning the history of the kings and queens…


Staunton Wedding Photographer | Welcoming Warm Weather

Warm weather has hit Staunton and the rest of Virginia, and I’m beginning my winter thaw-out. I’ve purposefully limited the number of portrait sessions and my wedding availability this spring in order to play catch-up on some of the housekeeping things that fell off…


Keeping on top of the website

I promised myself that I would be get into super-awesome blogger mode and post all of the weddings up here from 2011 before I started shooting events for 2012. Who was I kidding?…


A new year and a bitty baby visit

I love the holidays as much as the next person, but good grief are they exhausting. This year, David and I spent more time driving than in any one place. It was sort of like playing leap frog: Shenandoah Valley, SW Virginia, Asheville NC,…

Washington DC wedding photographer

Washington DC Photography Weekend

I decided to kidnap Dave over the weekend; I made him dress up all sexified for me, lured him into the car with promises of free Sheets coffee and maybe — if he was good — lunch. I ended up driving from Lynchburg up…