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Fixing Lens Distortion Manually in Lightroom


Sometimes, cropping and straightening is just not enough to fix a crooked or bloated image. Instead, you might have to fix the distortion and perspective of the shot. I bet you  don’t even realize just how much  distortion there is in your photos. Luckily, Lightroom makes this very easy for photographers to correct.

An often overlooked but highly useful feature in Lightroom is the ability to make manual lens distortion corrections. This filter is designed to fix common issues within a photo (such as barrel or pinch distortion, vignetting, and chromatic aberration aka, “that annoying purple fringe.”).  Within Lightroom, these controls are under the Develop module, in the Lens Corrections panel (Ctrl + 6).  The same effects can be done with ACR and within Photoshop, using the Lens Correction filter.

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