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Kara+Christopher | Married | Frontier Culture Museum

Kara went down the Pinterest wormhole while planning Frontier Culture Museum wedding. Thankfully, she made it out the other side sane and smiling, and her Octagonal Barn wedding was full of amazing rustic details and DIY craft projects. Chris and Kara are the first…

Richmond wedding photographer

Mandy+Chas | Engaged | Fall engagements Staunton

It's been a very busy October, trying to fit in nearly a dozen engagement sessions as well as some stunning fall weddings. I've been posting sneak peeks over at facebook, but haven't had time to put things up on the blog. This is going…


Staunton Snow Day!

We had about 7 inches blanket Staunton last night in the first real snowstorm of the winter. And because my neighbor evidently thinks that 6 in the morning is the appropriate time to being loudly scraping a driveway, I was up bright and early…


Jennifer – Staunton headshot photography

So sorting through files to update this site has really hit home how many wonderful sessions I had this past year … but also how bad I’ve been about staying up to date posting things on the blog. I hope to get through the…