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Italy | Days 1 and 2 | Rome

Wherein I honeymoon with David in Italy, and try not to photograph every single thing around us.   First day and a half in Italy, jetlagged after a 9 hour flight from DC crammed into the middle seats of the middle row on the plane.…

Richmond commercial photographer

Making a house a home

After days and days of rain, and a surprise (to me at least) snow shower last night, the sunshine has finally returned to Richmond. Meaning I was able to snap a few shots of our living room this morning. As I've told anyone who…


Staunton Wedding Photographer | Welcoming Warm Weather

Warm weather has hit Staunton and the rest of Virginia, and I’m beginning my winter thaw-out. I’ve purposefully limited the number of portrait sessions and my wedding availability this spring in order to play catch-up on some of the housekeeping things that fell off…


Keeping on top of the website

I promised myself that I would be get into super-awesome blogger mode and post all of the weddings up here from 2011 before I started shooting events for 2012. Who was I kidding?…


A new year and a bitty baby visit

I love the holidays as much as the next person, but good grief are they exhausting. This year, David and I spent more time driving than in any one place. It was sort of like playing leap frog: Shenandoah Valley, SW Virginia, Asheville NC,…