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Rachel | Bridal Portraits | Powhatan Virginia Wedding Photography

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Sometimes, all you really need is an open field and a gorgeous bride to make bridal portrait magic happen. Rachel and I shot a little earlier in the day than I typically do for beauty images, but I couldn’t be happier with how these images turned out. The sunlight really made for some dramatic photos, and I had a blast experimenting with different ways of blending flash into the natural light. The magic of off-camera flash is that you really aren’t limited to only shooting during the golden hour. I absolutely love how the Cactus flashes work with the MagMod system for a really quick and portable lighting setup. How does one little round blob of rubber create light nearly as soft as my softboxes and umbrellas!? The lightweight nature of the setup was super important as well, as I was still pretty grotesquely pregnant at the time. I’ll be sharing images from Rachel and Dustin’s wedding at the same venue soon (be prepared for even more pretty)!

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Mankin Mansion Wedding Photographer Richmond

Lindsey + Samuel | Married | Mankin Mansion Wedding

Where do I even start with Lindsey and Samuel’s wedding? There are no words to describe the warmth and genuine affection between these two as a couple, as well as the bonds they share with their family and friends. I typically play an observer’s role…

Sneak Peek Weddings

Sneak Peek | Zhujun and David

Sneak peek from yesterday’s wedding at Apple Blossom Plantation in Providence Forge. It was chilly, but the rain held off, and we had a beautiful day for Zhujun and David’s intimate wedding. Congratulations,  Zhujun and David!  …


Rachel+Adam | Married | West Point Virginia wedding

You know you're in for an amazing wedding when the bride and groom are skydivers, and that some of their guests will be arriving by parachute. It's a good bet that if a couple is willing to jump out of airplanes together every weekend,…

DelFosse Wedding Photography Virginia Wedding photographer

Megan+Nick | Married | Delfosse Vineyards

The first thing you notice when you meet Megan is how her smile lights up her entire face. Can anyone really be that sunny and sweet and cheerful? And when you first meet Nick, he strikes you as being one of the nicest and…