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The Pretty Bits: DIY Swarovski and Lace Wedding Shoes

Custom lace and swarovski wedding bridal shoes DIY

My wedding was one giant excuse to embrace my inner crafter; I made pretty much everything from scratch! In this series, I share some of my favorite DIY wedding projects, and pass along some of the things I’ve learned as a professional artist and product designer. These projects will vary in skill level, and some may require an insane amount of patience. As with all DIY projects, they may not actually end up less expensive than just buying off the rack. But admit it, that’s not really why we like to make things ourselves. 


Hello, my name is Lauren, and I am a fancy shoe addict. I actually prefer to be barefoot like 95% of the time, but a great shoe is like a great sculpture. That’s probably why discovering beautiful bridal shoes make me giddy when I show up to a wedding.  Future brides: I will take 10 million photos of your shoes. I might hug them. Do not be alarmed.

What makes a great shoe to me isn’t a designer label. One of the coolest things about shoes is how many styles there are to choose from. I have photographed weddings with brides in blingy shoes, brightly colored shoes, no shoes, combat boot shoes, flip-flop shoes … the list goes on. It is one of those choices that demonstrates a conscious decision to say “Hey, this is what my wedding is about. This is who I am.”

In my own wedding shoe hunt, I spent a slightly scary amount of time looking for shoe inspiration. I started by purchasing a pair of green leather Victorian “granny boots.” They were fabulous and kind of steampunk and, best of all, green! But when I got my dress in, they just weren’t the right choice. So the search began again. After scouring Polyvore and finding tons of inspiration, I came to the conclusion that to get the look I wanted, I either needed to spend upwards of $1000, or design a pair myself. I think you know where I’m going here.  Continue Reading


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