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Jolene+Sean | Married | Waynesville, North Carolina Wedding

asheville wedding photographer

True talk — Being a wedding photographer, I often miss out on attending the weddings of friends and family, as I book most of my Saturdays well as much as a year and a half out. But I love my job, and attending a wedding without my camera makes me feel so useless I practically have to sit on my hands. That’s probably why shooting Jolene and Sean’s Waynesville, NC, wedding was such a perfect weekend for me, as I got to capture the day through my lens but also experience it as a friend. I’ve known Jolene since I was about 14. She’s my bestie’s mama, and at this point I’ve basically adopted the whole family into my own. I’ve not known Sean as long, but he’s just the kind of guy whose friendliness instantly puts you at ease, and whose stories might lead you to believe that he is the real-life inspiration for The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Their wedding at the Panacea Coffeehouse (best coffeehouse ever, and the site of my only – and failed- attempt at working in food service), was warm, intimate, and full of lovely DIY touches. And Jolene knitted her own dress, if you can believe it. AMAZING.

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