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Guylyn+Matt | Married | St. Lukes – Salisbury Country Club Wedding


Guylyn and Matt's wedding was filled with laughter, warm hugs and kind words from friends and family, and elegant details. 

St. Luke's Lutheran is a beautiful church filled with stained glass windows. Though that can make for some tricky lighting situations for a photog, you can't argue with the stunning results. I'm a sucker for all of that beautiful color. 

After the ceremony, we headed over to Salisbury Country Club for the reception. Cold temperatures encouraged us to not linger outside too long for photos. You'd never guess from how warm and glowing that evening light is, but the wind was picking up and it was more than a little chilly. Inside, though, everything was perfect. You can't go wrong with the timeless look of red roses. I particularly loved how the vases were filled with cranberries! 

As the night progressed, family members toasted the couple's happiness, with everyone remarking on the love the two share and their selfless natures. After more than a few tears were shed, the party made its way to the dance floor, where Guylyn's son, Keller, proved he had some of the best dance moves in the house. 

Congratulations, Guylyn and Matt, to the both of you! Your kindness and consideration made the day a joy for me!