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The Pretty Bits: DIY Wedding Dress Hanger

diy wedding dress hanger

My wedding was one giant excuse to embrace my inner crafter; I made pretty much everything from scratch! In this series, I share some of my favorite DIY wedding projects, and pass along some of the things I’ve learned as a professional artist and product designer. These projects will vary in skill level, and some may require an insane amount of patience. As with all DIY projects, they may not actually end up less expensive than just buying off the rack. But admit it, that’s not really why we like to make things ourselves. 

Today’s Pretty Bits is a little short and a little late, but it’s office duty day, and I have a pile of contracts, invoices, and emails to handle. But I’m keeping my promise to myself to just

This is one of the quickest and easiest crafts I did for my wedding, and saved me a bit over buying a custom hanger off of Etsy. It’s also the sort of fun project you can do to gift your bridesmaids or as a brunch crafting session with them. Power tools pair well with mimosas.  Continue Reading