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I was lucky to grow up in the mountains of North Carolina, in an artistic family where I had a paintbrush and camera in hand almost before I could walk.


I completed a specialized degree in photography, painting, and design at The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, and in 2007, I began my career as a  photographer.


Fast forward a bit, and I fell  head over heels in love with a cute British guy named David who swept me off my feet on the dance floor to the tune of a tango.


Love pulled me up to Virginia, where I further honed my photo ninja skills working as a journalist and as Art Director for the American Shakespeare Center. In 2012, I took a leap and went full time with Lauren D Rogers Photography.


I married my sweet husband in a poofy white dress on a rainy fall day in 2014 at an historic Virginia estate with stone-covered ivy and dust in the corners. We welcomed our daughter Fiona Elise in 2016, and I learned another side of how big love can be.


In 2016, I also opened The Studio at Cary Street in the heart of the Richmond Fan District, fulfilling a lifelong dream of a dedicated space to create and share my art.


These days, I am living my happily ever after in Richmond, where we try to fill our house with laughter, home-cooked meals, and many, many books.